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Stop using AI in your real business and products for good 😲!

UI UX Design with UX audit
UI UX Design with UX audit

After trying so many AI products including the ones on Product Hunt. I thought I should write about this. Relying on AI to replace all human tasks, especially in UX design, and content creation can have detrimental effects. Here's why you should stop using AI in your real business and in your real product:

#1 : You simply cannot just copy and paste an average internet answer and believe you're doing great work. Asking chat gpt to create surveys of your product is like asking a joker to run the empire. Your business is a real deal. Don't put it on a stack!

#2 You need to understand the product and the users to know what

questions to ask them. Wasting their time on generic, average

questions can lead to survey drop-off or bad design decisions.

#3 AI is generative, not creative , It can not do critical thinking or

understand your product or empathize with the users

#4 AI content creation is generic and avg, To speak your brand you need

real humans and you need to do the real job. Yeah! This can

potentially kill a brand.

#5 It's making an average internet post.AI is making average posts and

blogs. In small time the internet will be filled with low-value posts

and it will be pretty generic and useless.

Use ChatGPT and other AI tools as a faster Google and nothing more. Use Midjourney only for generating visual ideas, mood boards, and dummy images.

Remember you(A human) will have to do the real work!

Thank you for reading!

Gaurav(Lead designer)



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